Saturday, May 31, 2008
Lisa Jackson is another author that I stumbled upon while I was at Barnes & Noble looking for new books to add to my collection of books. I found out that she had a new release recently and so I when I went to buy Laurell K. Hamilton's new Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter book called Blood Noir and Julia Quinn's new book The Lost Duke of Wyndham I found her book and bought it immediately. They are two of Lisa Jackson's classic stories in one book and I thought is was a very good read just like every other book I've read of hers. Here are the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

HIGH STAKES $ 6.99 (458 Pages)


Passions run high in horse-racing circles, but thoroughbred breeder Becca Peters keeps a tight rein on her emotions. Except when it comes to Brig Chambers. Six years after he shattered their relationship with dangerous accusations, he’s back, stirring up trouble…and undeniable heat.


Tiffany Rhodes’s horse farm was in trouble long before she met Zane Sheridan, a breeder with a shady reputation. Yet she couldn’t help but feel relieved when Zane offered to buy her out. Though Tiffany didn’t trust him, she was drawn to him like a magnet. What did this mysterious man want from her…and why was he using a gambit with her heart?
Friday, May 30, 2008
Lori Foster is one of the many authors that I have stumbled upon on my many trips to Barnes and Noble looking for new books to buy and read. This is one is a recently released book with two of her older novels released in one book together. I loved it because it was everything that I look for in a book and I have never been disappointed when I've picked up a book of Lori Foster's. It only took me a 1 day and a couple of hours to finish this book it was so good. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

HEARTBREAKERS $ 13.95 440 Pages)

Blockbuster author Lori Foster brings you tow classic romances, Treat Her Right, and Mr. November, featuring a couple of everyday heroes who know how to get hearts racing…


Gorgeous, statuesque fitness expert Wynn Lane can’t help but fall for her sexy neighbor, paramedic Zack Granger, and his adorable daughter. But brash, outspoken Wynn is not Zack’s idea of mommy material, even though she’s making daddy’s libido do flip-flops. Still, the laws of attraction rule—and Wynn is a force of nature all her own!


Creating a beefcake calendar for charity, Amanda Barker has found the perfect Mr. November, super-buff Josh Marshall. But the notorious ladies’ man is a hard sell, and she’s forced to negotiate with the only collateral he’ll accept: a date with her! Josh knows where there’s smoke, there’s fire—but this could burn completely out of control…
Thursday, May 29, 2008
Today's Thursday Thirteen edition I will be writing 13 things about my favorite author J.R. Ward. All of this information is quoted from her website, J.R. Ward and Jessica Bird.
Thirteen Things about J.R. Ward

1. J.R. Ward is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of erotic paranormal romance. 2. She lives in the south with her incredibly supportive husband and her beloved golden retriever. 3. After graduating from law school, she began working in healthcare in Boston and spent many years as Chief of Staff of one of the premier academic medical centers in the nation. 4. Writing has always been her passion and her idea of heaven is a whole day of nothing but her computer, her dog and her coffee pot. 5. Not many people who are addicted to J.R. Ward's BDB series knows that she also writes contemporary romance as Jessica Bird. 6. I was eight years old when I wrote my first story, ten when I finished my first book and thirteen when I fell in love with stories about people falling in love. 7. I can remember the first romance novel I ever read and am able to picture exactly where I sat while turning the pages. It was in a walled garden surrounded by blooming pastel roses on a perfect summer day. I have to say the bucolic scene was a poetic compliment to the genre but it was totally unnecessary. I was hooked and have been ever since. 8. What fascinates me about love stories is the drama that surrounds people when they lose their hearts to someone else. I've never seen a romance in real life that ran smoothly in the beginning because with great love comes great vulnerability. 9. The question always in my mind is, when two people get rattled like that, how do the pieces come back together? How are they united in spite of the forces, internal and external, which threaten to tear them apart? 10. I could continue to ply my hours in lawyerly pursuits but I'd rather reach out to people who likewise have a passion for romance. The pastel roses were a great backdrop on that summer day long ago but I didn't need them. 11. What I needed was an author who could spin a tale out of the ether and let me live a little in the divine drama of two people falling in love. 12. So maybe I am a heartless lawyer. When I'm in my black suit and up to my elbows in corporate work, my heart's not in it. 13. Give me a key board and a ream of blank paper, though, and I'll show you a woman of passion!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
I found the WIP Notebook when I was reading a new entry in Charlotte Dillion's blog, Life as a Writer, Or Something Close to It. I thank the heavens for that because I will be using it to organize and keep track of my first manuscript. Charlotte Dillion wrote that it's a good notebook to use to keep track of your manuscript and here is a direct quote from her blog entry on how the notebook could be useful:

When starting a new novel, or even after digging up one of your old ones that needs a little love and care, you need a way to keep up with lots of info. The believability of your story depends on it. Even after you finish the story and send it out, there's tons of stuff to keep track of, like when you mailed that manuscript, who you mailed it to, when it was rejected and by who, and when you sent it back out and to who, ect...

She said that she found this notebook so helpful that she wanted to share it and I'm glad that she did. She even wrote a quote, which she says she doesn't give good quotes unless she means them, about the WIP Notebook that Jeannie Ruesch has on her website. Jeannie is a fiction writer herself, she thought of everything a writer would need to keep up with, and placed a section for each in the WIP notebook. There's places to list everything from your working title and date started to the date you completed it and even who you submitted the manuscript to and when. You'll also find plenty of space to fill in things like characters profiles, family trees, info on each chapter, sub plots, conflict, setting descriptions, a timeline chart, and more. Like I said, everything a working writer needs to keep up with about her newest manuscript or as some would say "newest baby", all in one place.

The e-doc version is in Microsoft Word, so it's simple to make a boxed section bigger when you want to add extra info, or to delete and retype things when you make changes in your story. It's also easy to print up, save to a CD or a flash drive, or even send it to yourself as an attachment that you can save in an e-mail account that's not on your computer, so you won't lose all of that needed information. I have the spiral WIP Notebook, which has a nice story on how I got it in the first place. Well I went to Jeannie Ruesch's website and I found out that she was having a contest where you could win either the e-doc version or the spiral W.I.P Notebook. I tried to enter by signing up for her newsletter but I kept getting an error message. I sent her a complaint e-mail and she e-mailed me back to say that she fixed the problem and that for my trouble she would send me a free W.I.P Notebook. I chose to get the spiral notebook and she sent it to me with an inscription that I will always remember.

Here are some quotes that Jeannie Ruesch has on the page where you can find out more about the WIP Notebook that I thought everyone would like to read before they decided on what they think about the notebook:

"Jeannie Ruesch has created the perfect tool for writers. This workbook has everything you'll need to stay organized--all in one place!"

--National Bestselling Author Brenda Novak

I have the e-doc version of Jeannie Ruesch's Novel Notebook. I'm not the kind of person who gives good quotes unless I mean them, so this is my honest opinion. I love the Novel Notebook because it's a complete keep-everything-in-one-place solution for your novel in progress, and even your completed and submitted novel.

-- Writer Charlotte Dillon

There is also a couple of sample pages from the book that she has on the website that you can easily access for free. Like I mentioned above that Jeannie Ruesch is a writer and she will be having her first novel published by Wild Rose Press. Her novel is a Regency-set historical romance called Something About Her. It's also the first book in her Willoughby Family Series. Here is the description of the book from her website and picture:

Something About Her by Jeannie Ruesch

Michael Ashton, the Duke of Ravensdale, is caught in two scandals, neither of which is his own doing. The first involves a woman (don’t they always), and the second…well, it also involves a woman and a large sum of stolen money. In order to save the reputation Michael has spent his life rebuilding, he must track down the widow of his presumed-dead cousin in order to charm...or seduce her missing husband's whereabouts from her.

After being abandoned a mere hour after her wedding, Blythe Merewood Ashton wonders how she could have been fooled by such a cad and still feels humiliated and betrayed a year later. Her husband wooed her, married her, took her money and left. When she learns of his death, she decides unceremoniously to go on with her life—without a man. So when Thomas’s cousin—a Duke, no less—shows up uninvited on her doorstep, looking more handsome and irresistible than any man should, Blythe instinctively doesn’t trust him nor does she want to like him. But her traitorous heart doesn’t seem to care. At the same time, Michael’s clear agenda gets quite blurry when the woman he believes an accomplice to his cousin's schemes turns out to be the woman he can give his heart to…and the only one he can’t have.
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
I have almost all of Jane Feather's books which I loved reading. I love her historical romances very much and I loved this book very much. It was about a kidnapped woman who fall in love with her kidnapper. I think that it had a good ending and I enjoyed reading it more than twice since I bought it. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

THE EAGLE AND THE DOVE $ 5.99 (394 Pages)


Heading a thundering cavalcade of richly dressed Moorish soldiers, Lord Hassan commands attention with just one glance from his deep black eyes. And with one look, he knew that he had to have the chestnut-haired beauty who returned his stare with such bold, sensual defiance.


Fascinated by the enigmatic horseman, spirited Sarita is swept up by the arrogant stranger and carried off to his mountaintop palace. Enslaved to this mighty lord, Sarita’s untamed and passionate nature swiftly makes a prisoner of Hassan’s yearning heart. But their powerful love could topple a vast empire…and in doing so, endanger the future of this destined pair.
Monday, May 26, 2008
Cathy Maxwell is one of the many authors that I've stumbled upon when I was looking for new books to add to my ever rising collection of books when I was at Barnes & Noble. Cathy Maxwell writes historical romances that are very good in my opinion. I have almost all of her books that she's ever written and I love getting new books that she has out because they are always enjoyable. This is one of the earlier books that I bought of hers and I enjoyed it very much and I recommend it to everyone who likes to read about scandalous marriages with a baby at the center of it. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

A SCANDALOUS MARRIAGE $ 6.99 (372 Pages)

Every young lady of the ton knows the rules—never dance with the same man twice in a row, always walk attended…and never, ever get caught in a scandal. Because society can be cruel to those who break the rules…even to—

The Runaway Debutante

Leah Carrollton had dreams of meeting—and marrying—the perfect man. Then a scandalous affair ended in abandonment, and she left London rather than face her disgrace. With no one to turn to, Leah ran away to the country. Abruptly Devon Marshall, Viscount Huxhold, strides into her life, enveloping her in his strong embrace and offering her a chance to recapture what she’d lost.

Heir to one of England’s most honorable title, Devon has spent his life breaking the rules—and giving Leah and her fatherless child his name is just one more way to flaunt convention. But Devon discovers Leah tantalizes him as no other woman ever has, making him long for all the sweet bliss that marriage has to offer. But can a marriage made in scandal become a happily-ever-after affair?
Sunday, May 25, 2008
Nicole Jordan is one of my favorite authors and I stumbled upon her books one day when I was at Barnes & Noble strolling for some new books to buy. I found this book interesting when I read the description from the back cover and I thought that I would give this book a try and I wasn't disappointed. I love Nicole Jordan's historical romances and this one is a good one that I really enjoyed because it is set in one of my favorite places, the Scottish Highlands. I recommend this book to everyone and especially for those who love historical romances. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

THE LOVER $ 6.99 (355 Pages)

From bestselling author Nicole Jordan comes a tale of timeless beauty, fierce passion, and heart-pounding love in the Scottish Highlands.

Naill McLaren was a dangerous and beguiling as the Highlands itself, a man unparalleled in the arts of war and of love. Even in the stately ballrooms of Edinburgh where Sabrina Duncan first laid eyes on the powerful laird who would one day be her husband, he exuded an intoxicating sensuality. It was rumored that the touch of his lips could draw the very soul from a woman’s body—and when he pulled Sabrina into his arms, she had no doubt: The kiss he stole from her that moonlit nigh was like a brand on her soul, leaving her longing for more.

A promise made long ago bind Niall McLaren to wed the eldest daughter of a neighboring laird to unit the two clans. But when Niall recognizes Sabrina as the enticing lass whose kisses enflamed his passion, the married life he once dreaded becomes a world of unexplored pleasures. Yet for all their beauty, the wild hills of Scotland are a place where ancient feuds and hidden secrets create unimagined peril for the lovers. For in the untamed Highlands, two hearts must clash before they learn to beat as one.
Saturday, May 24, 2008
I absolutely love Linda Lael Miller and her historical and contemporary romances. I like her historicals a bit more than her contemporary romances. This book is one of many that I have bought of hers and I absolutely loved it. I like the time period that she wrote in because it has always fascinated me when I would have my history classes about the American life during the 1800's and 1900's. I would recommend this book to everyone because it is a really enjoyable book to read when you have the time to settle down with a good book. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

WANTON ANGEL $ 7.99 (346 Pages)

Her free spirit carried her far away—but her passionate heart never left home….

When Bonnie McKutchen left her wealthy husband in a storm of heartache and betrayal, she fled New York with nothing but the dress on her back. Eli McKutchen finally caught up with her in a Washington mining town, outraged to find his beautiful wife dancing for money in a gaudy saloon. Yet as his temper flared, so did his passion…and hers. Tormented with desire by his every touch, Bonnie yielded to the wild delight of her husband’s embrace. Time and again she vowed to resist, and was sweetly defeated. But with savage pride, she denied her ultimate surrender…even at the risk of losing him forever!
Friday, May 23, 2008
I love reading Catherine Coulter's books and the Song Series is a one the best series that she has written. It's a historical romantic series with a lots of suspense and murder. I've been reading her books since my mom's friend gave me her daughter's old books and Catherine Coulter's Warrior Song was in the mix with my first Nora Roberts book Three Fates. I wrote about the first 4 books in the Song Series but at that time I didn't have the last 2 books in the series to talk about them, but I finally got them. I had to buy them through the Barnes & Noble website but I finally got them and they were good reads and gave me a view of the past characters that were secondary characters in these new books. Here are the descriptions of the last 2 books in the series from the back covers and the pictures:

ROSEHAVEN $ 7.99 (Book 5)(370 Pages)

Dear Reader:

Come back to England in the year 1277 and meet Hastings of Trent and Severin of Langthorne, two strangers joined in marriage. Hastings is an heiress and Severin is the warrior whom the dying Earl of Oxborough has selected to assume his title, properties, possessions, and daughter. It is Severin’s duty to sire children, to bring strong new blood to the line, and keep Oxborough powerful.

Hastings thinks he’s cold-blooded, severe, and merciless. Severin doesn’t smile, he looks capable of cruelty, and he inspires fear. Then a marten appears over the top of his tunic. Now, who can be afraid of a man who carries a marten in his tunic? (What is a marten, you ask? A marten is a sable; a sable is a weasel. What is a weasel, you ask? See marten).

As for Hastings, Severin believes she should be obedient, submissive, and malleable. She should speak softly and do whatever he wants, immediately. Both are in for a surprise. Sweeping you through this medieval adventure are these and other richly drawn characters, among them Gilbert the goat and Alfred the Healer’s cat. And of course, there is Trist, the marten, perhaps the most richly drawn of all. And what, you will ask, is this mysterious place called Rosehaven?

I hope you enjoy reading Rosehaven as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Catherine Coulter

THE PENWYTH CURSE $ 7.99 (Book 6)(345 Pages)

Dear Reader:

How would you like to be eighteen and four times widow? If you live with a curse, sometimes things like this happen. And so they did. We have two sets of hero/heroines; one set is in the present (A.D. 1278) and the other set is, quite simply, sometime else. We have both over—and underlapping stories, a dynamite mystery, lovers underfoot (visit with Dienwald and Phillippa from Earth Song) and mega-doses of magic and mayhem. Come back to the present and maybe even further back than that. I hope you have lots of fun, and smile until your jaws lock.


Catherine Coulter
Thursday, May 22, 2008
Okay so I decided that it would be interesting to talk about our favorite authors in the Thursday Thirteen posts. Since this is a blog titled "Talk About My Favorite Authors" I think that from now on I will be writing 13 things about authors and the books they write. So for today's Thursday Thirteen edition I will be writing 13 things about my favorite author Nora Roberts. All of this information is quoted from her website, Nora Roberts.
Thirteen Things about Nora Roberts

1. Nora Roberts was born in Silver Spring Maryland, the youngest of five children. 2. Through the years, Nora has always been surrounded by men. Not only was she the youngest in her family, but she was also the only girl. She has raised two sons. Having spent her life surrounded by men has given Ms. Roberts a fairly good view of the workings of the male mind, which is a constant delight to her readers. It was, she's been quoted as saying, a choice between figuring men out or running away screaming. 3. Nora is a member of several writers groups and has won countless awards from her colleagues and the publishing industry. 4. Home for Nora Roberts for the past 30 years has been on the top of a hill in western Maryland. 5. When she’s not writing, Nora tends to her gardens. She recovers from her annual spring book tour by ruthlessly weeding, planting and mulching, and enlisting her family to help out. Her constant battles with marauding deer have made it into her books and entertained her fans over the years. There’s an herb garden off the kitchen, a hillside of tiger lilies and hundreds of annuals throughout the property, giving Nora ample opportunity to still play in the dirt. 6. Since she started writing stories down in notebooks 28 years ago, Nora Roberts has used discipline and talent in equal measure. Early in her career, she worked her writing in between her sons’ pre-school and nap schedules every day. When they were both in school full time, her writing schedule mirrored theirs, although she put in extra hours over the weekend. Now, after 160 books and countless bestsellers, she writes eight hours a day -- every day. 7. Before she started writing, Nora Roberts was a woman in search of a creative outlet. Staying at home with her two small sons, she was the ultimate earth mother, gardening, canning fruits and vegetable, making her son’s clothes, stitching and knitting. “I macramed two hammocks,” she admits now. “I needed help.”. 8. Now that her sons are grown, Nora looks back at that February Blizzard as a blessing in disguise. “I started writing as a way to save my sanity,” she says, “and I fell into a job that I love.” 9. Since 1999, every book published under the Nora Roberts name was a New York Times bestseller. 10. There are enough Nora Roberts books in print to fill the seats of Giants Stadium nearly 4,000 times. 11. If you place all Nora’s books top to bottom, they would stretch across the United States from Los Angeles to New York City 10 times. 12. Nora’s books have spent a combined 116 weeks at the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list!. 13. In the time you take to read this section, another 21 Nora Roberts books were sold.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Millie Criswell was an author that I stumbled upon a long time ago and I only have 4 of her books. She has retired from writing so most of her books are out of print and you can only find them through Used Book stores or something like that. But I do remember this book No Strings Attached which I bought when it came out in 2005 and I thought it was very good. It was about two friends and roommates Samantha and Jack go through this world-wind attraction and ending up with Samantha pregnant and them not knowing what to do about their friendship. Well here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

NO STRINGS ATTACHED $ 5.99 (376 Pages)

Samantha Brady’s to-do list is simple…

Sell her novel, have a baby and find a man of her dreams—though not necessarily in that order. Trouble is, she has writer’s block, hasn’t had a date in months and live platonically with her best friend, Jack Turner, the only man who has ever met her Prince Charming criteria.

She and Jack have always avoided romantic entanglements of any kind, especially with each other. No strings. No fuss. No heartaches. Until one night of too much wine and too few inhibitions takes their friendship to a whole new level.

Sam’s to-do list—and her life—are turned completely upside down. She’s realized she wouldn’t mind a “string” or two—but is she too late to keep her perfect guy from walking out the door?
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Kresley Cole is an another author that a friend of mine recommended. I went to her website and even joined her message board and when I read about her books I thought I should give them a try. I went in search of her first book and I found that her first two books were a series named the Sutherland Brothers. I bought them and I loved them, so I went in search for some more of her books. Well I bought more of her books but for today I will be talking about her latest release in her Immortals After Dark series. I'm hooked to this series and I don't think I can see a future without more Immortals After Dark books. I have to say that I'm glad a friend pointed me to this series because I have to tell you these books are great. I love paranormal romances with vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, and other magical faerie creatures. This lastest release of her Immortals After Dark Series has me itching for more but sadly I will have to wait until next year for the next book in the series to come out. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

DARK DESIRES AFTER DUSK $ 6.99 (Book 5)(368 Pages)

A seductive beauty he can never have, yet can’t resist…

Cadeon Woede will stop at nothing to atone for the one wrong that will haunt him forever. But once he secures the key to his redemption, the hafling Holly Ashwin, Cade finds that the woman he thought he could use for his own ends and then forget haunts him as much as his past.

A tormented warrior she should fear, but can’t deny…

Raised as human, Holly never knew that some frightening legends are real until she encounters a brutal demon who inexplicably guards her like a treasure. Thrust into a sensual new world of myth and power, with him as her protector, she begins to crave the demon’s wicked touch.

Surrender to dark desires…

Yet just when he earns Holly’s trust, will Cade be forced to betray the only woman who can sate his wildest needs—and claim his heart?
Monday, May 19, 2008
Veronica Wolff is a newly published author that I found out about through the J.R. Ward BDB Forum. I was looking through the member list searching for new websites and I stumbled upon Veronica Wolff's website. I went to her site and I found out that her first book was recently released in February and it was very similar to Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series. I decided to register to her website and I voted on her poll to either get a blog, message board, more historical content and more photos. I left a comment and she replied and was very nice and even joined my message board Romance Readers and Writers Forum. Recently she has added a Forum to her website that I think anyone would enjoy posting on.

I finished see the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspien this past Saturday and decided to go to the Barnes & Nobles on 66 Street in Lincoln Center. I went up to the romance section and what do you think I found? I saw a large stack of Veronica's second book Sword of the Highlands and I knew that on the website it said that it would be released on May 27 but I couldn't contant myself and so I bought it immediately. I hope that's okay with Veronica because I just couldn't contant myself I wanted to read it immediately. I bought her first book Master of the Highlands, which I loved reading and when I finished reading her second novel I knew that I will be reading more of what Veronica will be publishing. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

SWORD OF THE HIGHLANDS $ 6.99 (308 Pages)

She had to go back in time to find the man of her dreams…

One minute, she’s New York heiress and art curator Magda Deacon, enraptured by the striking Highlander captured in an old portrait. The next, she’s falling through time to seventeenth-century Scotland—and embarking on the most erotic journey of her life…

Infamous playboy James Graham, First Marquis of Montrose, doesn’t know what to make of the strange woman who’s tumbled—literally—into his life…and his bed. Her accent may be foreign, but Magda plays golf and rides like a red-blooded Scotsman—not that James could ever mistake her succulent lips and delectable curves for anything but female.

But war rages in the Highlands, the lad for which James and his men will lay down their lives. And when Magda faces a terrifying enemy and a daunting choice, only the legendary Sword of the Highlands will be able to set things right…
Sunday, May 18, 2008
I absolutely love Linda Lael Miller and her historical and contemporary romances. I like her historicals a bit more than her contemporary romances. This book was I think the first book I ever read by her and I loved it and I still like to read it from time to time. I've always been fascinated by pirates and that fascination has grown since I read this book and since I've seen the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy with my favorite actors Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Oh and also this book is about time travel which is another concept that I really liked about the novel. I would recommend this book to everyone because it is one of the greats in my opinion. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

PIRATES $ 7.99 (309 Pages)

When a Caribbean getaway is touched by star-crossed magic, a love beyond one woman’s dreams takes flight….

Phoebe Turlow needs to get out of Seattle and forget about the man she just divorced, her dwindling finances, and the lonely nights that stretch ahead of her. But she can’t forsee what awaits her on Paradise Island…. Duncan Rourke, known to historians as “the pirate patriot,” has been dead for two centuries—or at least he’s supposed to be. But when unsuspecting Phoebe steps out of a van, into a run-down island hotel, and into his world, neither Phoebe nor her sexy pirate can envision the glorious adventure that is about to sweep them away. They know only that they have found each other, and a grand passion, across the chasm of time…and they fear only the moment when the magic they have discovered may vanish.
Saturday, May 17, 2008
I love Brenda Joyce's books both her historical romances and contemporary romances, which there isn't a lot of but are very good none the less. Well today I will be writing about a contemporary romance that she wrote and I loved reading it because it was suspenseful, romantic and mystery. I bought the book because the description caught my attention and it kept my attention while I was reading the novel. Here are the description of the book from the back cover and a picture:

THE CHASE $ 6.99 (471 Pages)

Claire Hayden has no idea that her world is about to be shattered. At the conclusion of her husband’s fortieth birthday party, he is found murdered. He has no enemies. He has committed no crimes. He has no shady past. Or at least, that’s what Claire thinks…

Claire’s search for the truth leads her to the mysterious Ian Marshall, a stranger who first appeared in her life on the night of her husband’s murder, a stranger whom she sense is somehow involve. As Claire and Ian team up to track down their quarry, Ian proves himself to be a dangerous man: dangerous not just to Claire’s heart but to her mind. And Claire has no choice but to trust the stranger at her side. The chase for the killer takes them from San Francisco to New York and London and cast them into a web of danger and confrontation, deception and murderous lies. Someone has been killing this way for decades. Someone who will do anything to keep his identity secret. Does Ian Marshall know more than he can or will say? And then Claire makes a terrifying discovery: the killer may be someone very close to her—and she may be next…
Friday, May 16, 2008
I love reading Katie MacAlister's books because she writes romance either contemporary, paranormal or historical and they have a way about it that makes me laugh when I read. Her books are always fun to read and I enjoy them. I really loved reading her novel Improper English because it was funny and romantic all in one, which I think is a good combination together. This book was one of the many that I have bought of Katie MacAlister's and I loved reading it even though I'm not much into reading books in the first person. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

IMPROPER ENGLISH $ 6.99 (369 Pages)

London on Three Kisses a Day

Brandishing a loaf of French bread at a dishy detective wasn’t how Alexandra Freemar had envisioned starting her stay in London. But the sassy American wasn’t about to put up with any flak from the uptight—albeit gorgeous—Scotland Yard inspector who accused her of breaking and entering. She didn’t have time to deal with this suspicious upstairs neighbor. She had two months to write the perfect romance novel—two months to prove that she could succeed as an author.

Luckily, reserved Englishmen were not her cup of tea. Yet, one kiss told her Alexander Black might not be quite as proper as she’d thought. In fact, his lips could be classified as downright wicked, leaving Alix to wonder how far his talents extended. There was only one snag: The serious-minded gentleman wasn’t interested in a mere summer fling. And while as a writer Alix knew every imaginable euphemism for the male member, as a woman she soon realized she had a lot to learn about love.
Thursday, May 15, 2008
I found the website Thursday Thirteen through the Cherry Forum and I thought it would be a good way to get the blog more readers. So this is the first of many Thursday Thirteen editions. Leave your comments because they are much appreciated.
Thirteen Things about Ivette

1. I absolutely love to read romance novels of any subgenre. 2. I am an 18 year old aspiring romance novelist who has just started college with the hopes of gaining her BA in English and maybe her BA in History. 3. I loved reading and when I found out that there is a lot of other readers out there with similar interest that I can relate with. 4. I created the Talk About My Favorite Authors blog one day in the hopes of getting some of my romance reading internet friends to talk/post about their favorite authors. 5. I have expanded my knowledge of all the things that aspiring authors should do to become published authors. 6. I will do anything to make my dream of become a published romance writer. 7. I have made a lot of interesting friends by joining all of the Forums of my favorite authors. 8. I have met some lovely ladies who are recently published authors that I admire and hope to someday meet them. 9. My family is very supportive of my choice of becoming a writer, even if I have to be an editor for a publishing company before that happens. 10. I have my entire college career planned out and I really hope that nothing messes it up because I want to be a college graduate with a BA in English in 2011. 11. I have created my own personal website, my own personal website under my pen name, my own blog, my own forum and mulitple of groups. 12. I have a forum that is called Romance Readers and Writers and I am trying to get both readers and writers of romance together to share there love for reading and/or writing romance novels. 13. I found Thursday Thirteen through one of the many forums I am a member of and I love it!

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Well here is the interview with Veronica Wolff that I promised to post. Veronica Wolff was nice enough to grant me an interview about her writing. Even though she was busy with her writing she was nice enough to answer the following questions as soon as she could possibly get them done. She is also setting up a forum for her website and here is the link to her Forum. Here is the link to the review of her first novel Master of the Highlands. Now here is how the interview went:

* * * *

Phoebe: When did you know that writing romance was going to be what you would do with your life?

Veronica: I always thought in the back of my mind that I wanted to be a writer but I just never thought it was something I could really do. And now there’s no going back for me—I’m addicted! Even if people stopped buying my books, I can’t imagine not working on one.

Phoebe: Did you know what type of romance you wanted to write about or did you experiment with different genres before you chose?

Veronica: I’m a long-time fan of both fantasy and Scottish-themed fiction, and I knew that whatever I wrote would skew that way. Honestly, when I began writing, I thought it would be more of a fantasy, but my imagination kept straying back to the Highlands!

Phoebe: What was the first fiction you ever wrote?

Veronica: Believe it or not, it was Master of the Highlands. The first half of the book underwent some major revisions, though! I should note, too, that I worked for years as a writer and editor of promotional and editorial content, so I had a lot of experience with sitting in front of a blank computer screen.

Phoebe: How much research did you have to do for your novels Master of the Highlands and Sword of the Highlands and did it take you a long time to gather that research?

Veronica: I was much more of a seat-of-the-pants writer and researcher with Master of the Highlands. It helped that Clan Cameron has such fantastically thorough online resources! I spent more time researching Sword of the Highlands before I began, reading James Graham’s autobiography and learning about the time of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. I’m getting to be even more of a plotter the more I write, and my third book (Warrior of the Highlands, February 2009) saw me doing much more extensive research before I began. My general approach is to know enough about what is occurring historically to have plot milestones. I write these on sticky notes and put them on a white board. I love how it enables me to jiggle around the storylines, see holes, and best of all, visualize the ending. Once I have that done, I begin writing, and as I go, I do the research necessary to delve deeper and make the story richer. For example, I’ll know which battles were fought when, and with what outcome, before I begin. But I research smaller issues on the fly. Like, what constituted soldiers’ rations, or what types of trees and plants would’ve grown in a particular spot, or what sort of book or music someone would’ve had access to. Those are all the sorts of things I explore as I go.

Phoebe: What process did you have to go through to get your first book published and did you take you long?

Veronica: I’m grateful to have had a very lucky and serendipitous path to publishing. Back in 2006, I found out about a “Pitchapalooza” being held at the San Francisco main library. Brainchild of Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry, authors of Putting Your Passion into Print, the Pitchapalooza gave anyone off the street sixty seconds to pitch their book to a panel of publishing professionals. I pitched my book, followed up with an email to Arielle, who is an agent, who forwarded my email to her colleague Stephanie, who happened to be a fan of Scottish time travel. I swear, Steph is the Greatest Agent Ever, and everything continued to move along quickly from there. Believe me, I recognize what tremendous good fortune this was, and I’m so thankful the stars aligned as they did.

Phoebe: How did you feel when you finally saw your first published book out in print and how do you feel about your second novel being published in a couple of weeks?

Veronica: It is beyond exciting! I am so grateful every day that I get the chance to do this. I know it can change on a dime, and that there are some amazing books out there that never see the light of day, so I am trying to savor this whole experience. It really is a thrill.

Phoebe: Are your two novels connected?

Veronica: Yes and no. The magic I’ve created is something that spans all the books. But my second book predates my first by almost a decade. And although the plots are unrelated, you’ll see Ewen, the hero from my first book, as a teenager in my second! Warrior of the Highlands comes out in February 2009. It’s also set during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms and is much more connected to Sword of the Highlands than my first book was.

Phoebe: Is there any advice that you would give to an aspiring romance writer that you wish someone had given you?

Veronica: That you need to write the book that excites you, not the one that you think will sell. Don’t be overwhelmed by the big picture—as Anne Lamott wrote, just go “bird by bird.” Help and support often come from the unlikeliest of places. So do discouragement and snarky comments. Which brings me to the next bit of advice: don’t take anything personally. Just keep your eyes on the prize. And finally, turn off that Internet connection and make yourself write for a set amount of time every day. And most of all, know that you can absolutely do it!

Thank you Veronica Wolff for the interview. Good luck with your future books, which I will be looking out for and hope to interview another time. If you want to visit Veronica here are the links to her website and the Romance Readers & Writers Forum that she is registered to and visits to post about the writing process, research and marketing.
Monday, May 12, 2008
I loved reading this book and I recommend it to everyone. Catherine Anderson is a very talented writer and I love all of her books. This book was very emotional with romance and the characters were very interesting to read about because it was in a early period of American history. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

CHERISH $ 6.99 (391 Pages)

She was an innocent in a dangerous world, and he’d risk anything to keep her safe.

He Longed for…

Race Spencer’s gunslinging days are far behind him. He is now rugged, respectable rancher, but it’s a solitary life. Then Fate leads Race to an earthbound angel—lost and alone, the sole survivor of an outlaw attack—and even his hardened heart is moved. He sweeps the ivory-skinned beauty into his arms and carries her away from danger.

A Woman to Cherish

When innocent Rebecca Morgan wakes up in a stranger’s embrace, her life has been changed forever. Race’s touch makes her blood sing and stirs up emotions in her she never knew existed. But this man has a fearsome reputation. And though her life may depend on him, can she trust him? Is it love she sees in her rescuer’s dark eyes?
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Sharon Sala also known as Dinah McCall is another author whose books I stumbled upon when I was at Barnes & Noble looking for some new books. I loved this book from the moment I started reading it and I have re-read this book so many times since I bought it. I love this book so much because it made me cry, happy, sad, excited and every emotion in between. Out of all of the books I have bought written by Sharon Sala I have to say this is my favorite and I think one of her best. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

FINDERS KEEPERS $ 6.99 (312 Pages)

The greatest of all loves…

More than anything in the world, Molly Eden wants a child—and then one day she finds one in her backyard! But this is no abandoned toddler. A man has followed the mischievous boy onto her property, a concerned father whose rugged good looks take Molly’s breath away, while the sadness about him tears at her heart.

Joseph Rossi never expected to find his tiny son running into the arms of an unknown woman, but Joey craves a mommy and it seems he’s chosen one—and Joseph approves of his choice. What chance could a single father possibly have with an enchanting free spirit as sweet and sexy as Molly Eden, who must have a hundred men clamoring for her attention? Still, he knows in his heart what Joey knows: that Molly is the one. Now he must prove it to her and show Molly a man who is more than just a daddy—but also a tender and passionate lover…and perhaps, the perfect husband.
Friday, May 9, 2008
Johanna Lindsey was another author that I stumbled upon on one of my many trips to Barnes & Noble looking for new books to read and buy. I have a couple of her historical romances but the this one is one of my favorites of hers. I enjoyed reading it and I have read it a couple of more times later on after a while to re-read all of what I loved about the book. I think this books is part of a series but I'm not sure but I will find out, but if someone already knows leave a comment because I would love to know. Here is the description of the book from the back cover and picture:

WARRIOR’S WOMAN $ 7.99 (437 Pages)

A master storyteller who spins romantic fiction like no other, Johanna Lindsey weaves together endearing characters, enthralling adventure and pulsating passion to create stories that touch the hearts of her readers.

Warrior’s Woman

Resilient beauty Tedra has devoted her life to the art of combat, and no one, least of all a man, has ever been able to pierce through that rigid armor of single-minded purpose. When political upheaval forces her to flee her homeland, the strongly independent maiden finds that her only refuge is in the arms of a bronzed barbarian.

In a brotherhood where warriors rule supreme, Challen is the fiercest and most feared. He quickly claims Tedra as tradition and his own desires demand, but though he sparks her yet unfulfilled passion, the proud fighter refuses to submit to any man’s will. Challenging him physical battle, she also dares him to discover that she is worthy opponent, partner and companion—and together they can conquer all realms.
Thursday, May 8, 2008
I have almost all of Jane Feather's books which I loved reading. I love her historical romances very much and when I found out about her Cavendish Square Trilogy I thought it was worthy reading. I wasn't disappointed because I loved reading the first two books in the series and I can't wait for the third book in the series to come out so I can find out what happens next. Here are the descriptions of the books from the back covers and pictures:

A WICKED GENTLEMAN $ 7.99 (Book 1)(474 Pages)

When a gentleman has one secret to many, he is


Bestselling author Jane Feather brings to life the glamour sophistication, and intrigue of Regency-era London in this captivating novel of unexpected passions and dangerous secrets.

Pooling their meager resources, Lady Cornelia Dagenham, her sister-in-law Aurelia, and their friend Liv Lacey arrive in London’s Cavendish Square to spend a month at the home Live has just inherited. But why anyone would show a fervent interest in purchasing the rundown property—particularly the arrogant Viscount Bonham, who clearly could afford the finest of homes—is a puzzle to Cornelia. His charms are undeniable, though—and Cornelia finds her resistance to this mysterious stranger falling away…as a sparking passion clouds her view.

But their affair may place her and her friends in danger as Harry Bonham sweeps her into the sparkling whirl of high society. Leading a double life as a code breaker for the Crown, Harry is a man of many secrets. Is it Cornelia whom he truly desires, or something hidden in the house on Cavendish Square?

TO WED A WICKED PRINCE $ 7.99 (Book 2)(490 Pages)

When a prince has more than marriage on his mind, it might be folly


The sophisticated elegance and spine-tingling intrigue of Regency-era London spring to life in bestselling author Jane Feather’s seductive novel about a young woman who impulsively marries a dazzling stranger.

Livia Lacey came to the house she inherited in London’s Cavendish Square with her two friends, Lady Cornelia Dagenham and Lady Aurelia Farnham, to experience the excitement of city life. With Cornelia now happily married, Livia and Aurelia are on their own. But dashing Prince Alex Prokov, a newcomer to London, seems enchanted by Liv the moment they meet. Disarmed by the prince’s determined pursuit of her, his exuberant joy of living, and the desires he awakens in her, Liv agrees to marry him.

But while night is a time for passionate embraces, Liv discovers that her irresistible husband can be as autocratic as he is extravagantly generous. While Alex balks at Liv’s independent ways, he refuses to explain his own comings and goings. When Liv learns one of Alex’s secrets she only loves him more. But when she learns the other secret, will she feel wickedly betrayed?
Wednesday, May 7, 2008
I happened to stumbled upon Claudia Dain's Courtesan Series when I was at Barnes & Noble looking for some new books. I bought her first book in the series and I loved it so much I decided to if there was more in the works for the series since it gave a hint that there would be another book. I found out that she would have another book in the series come out on May 6 of this year and I decided to buy it as soon as it came out. Claudia Dain is a member of this blog called The Goddess Blogs with other romance authors such as Karen Rose, Nicole Jordan, Sabrina Jefferies, Karen Hawkins, Rachael Gibson, Suzanne Enoch and Julia London. They have a forum on the website which I joined up a couple of months ago and they have a board that is called Gifts from the Goddess where they have weekly contests. I have entered about maybe 5 of them since I joined and last week I finally WON a contest! I won an autographed copy of Claudia Dain's first book in her Courtesan Series and I can't wait to get it in the mail soon. But enough of that I bought her second book in there series with a couple of other books that were coming out on the same day. Here is the description of the books from the back cover and pictures:

THE COURTESAN’S DAUGHTER $ 14.00 (Book 1)(327 Pages)

What Price Love?

Young Lady Caroline’s prospects for a suitable match are severely limited by her mother’s infamous past. Before Lady Sophia Dalby became a countess and entered London society, she was a highly desired courtesan. What man of title, position, and wealth would marry a courtesan’s daughter?

Sophia’s solution is to purchase a husband for Caroline—in the person of the Earl of Ashdon, agreeing to settle his gambling debts if he will take her daughter’s hand. Insulted, Caroline refuses the match. She won’t have a husband who was bought for her.

But after meeting the fiery Lord Ashdon, she begins to wonder if it wouldn’t be so very satisfying to have him pay for her, perhaps with a priceless pearl necklace? Who better to turn to for advice but a former courtesan? With Sophia pulling the strings, Lord Ashdon may get more than he bargained for and Caroline may get just what she wants…

THE COURTESAN’S SECRET $ 14.00 (Book 2)(312 Pages)

On the night of her debut two years ago, Lady Louisa Kirkland fell for the devilishly handsome Marquis of Dutton. It’s high time, she’s decided, that he realized he loves her in return. Also, there is the little matter of Louisa’s family pearls that are in his possession. For both problems, Louisa will need help—but she need not look far. For was it not Sophia, Countess of Dalby, who master-minded her own daughter’s whirlwind courtship and marriage—above her station and within days?

As an ex-courtesan, Sophia is delighted to help any woman acquire jewelry and so she agrees. Although she knows Dutton couldn’t care less about Louisa, Sophia also knows of another gentleman, Lord Henry Blakesley, who couldn’t love Louisa more. When the two men make a bet, the fate of both Louisa and her pearls lie in the balance. But the debutante, the pearls, and a wager are all Sophia needs to hatch the perfect plan…
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Susan Andersen is another author that I stumbled upon on my trip to Barnes & Noble one day looking for new books to read and buy for my collection. I love the Two Showgirls Series because of how funny and romantic the story is about these tough and serious showgirls with their men. Here is the description of the books from the back covers and pictures:

SKINTIGHT $ 6.99 (Book 1)(377 Pages)

There’s more than one way to lose your shirt….

In a rare moment, professional poker player Jax Gallagher committed a rookie’s mistake. He threw an IOU for a valuable baseball that wasn’t his to wager into the pot—and lost. Now the man who won the collectable is demanding his prize…or else. The problem is, the ball is in the possession of his estranged father’s widow—a flamboyant Las Vegas showgirl. Jax intends to get it back, by any means available.

Only Treena McCall is anything but the ruthless gold digger Jax expects. She’s built a life for herself filled with good friends and hard work. And if she sometimes wonders what it would be like to share he dreams with someone, she can live with the suspense. She’s got enough on her plate trying to hang on to her job as a dancer without being wined, dined and seduced by sexy Jax Gallagher.

In Vegas there’s more than one way to lose your shirt, and both Jax and Treena know better than to bet on love. Yet sometimes rolling the dice in a high-stakes game can lead to a prize beyond compare—if you have the courage to gamble your heart.

JUST FOR KICKS $ 7.99 (Book 2)(379 Pages)

Las Vegas showgirl Carly Jacobsen keeps finding out the hard way that her idea of fun differs radically from that of her neighbor Wolfgang Jones. Sure, he looks incredible and he seems to have a thing for her legs, but the man’s a robot. So what’s with their chemistry?

Wolf has noticed Carly’s legs. Because they’re always tangled up in leashes attached to her ridiculous assortment of pets. She’s a pain, she’s wacky, she’s always in the way and yet for some reason he can’t keep her out of his thoughts.

When a moment of weakness leads to some serious sheet-scorching sex, the two discover at least one area where they do both have fun. But outside the bedroom the stakes are getting higher, and love might come down to a roll of the dice….

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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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